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99 Days

LawrencePaul Wrote: Jul 30, 2012 12:03 PM
You gave us all the same worthless spin before November 2010 and Scott Walkers re-call. Howd that work out for ya?

One hundred days from today -- November 7, 2012 -- the national commentariat will either be analyzing why Americans chose eight years of President Barack Obama, or engaging in breathless speculating about President-elect Romney's transition team.  In the interim, we'll dive in to numerous campaign controversies, from the profound to the picayune.  We'll learn the identity of Mitt Romney's running mate, we'll watch four debates with baited breath, and we'll pore over polling data until our eyes glaze over.  As the race stands today, it's a total toss-up.  Gallup's daily tracker shows the race tied at 46 apiece, with...