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Put in this bill, you can't vote if you don't pay taxes. No welfare people can vote to give themselves a raise.
Da?!, I wish someone would buy Pelosi a different color sex toy.
Why want our congress pass a bill to allow only tax paying citizen the right to vote? After all, the vote is aways about the money.
We are all missing the true nature of Eric Holder. He is muslim all the way. Their goal is to bring down America. He has the right to lie, becasue muslim's are of a higher authority than American satan dogs. We Americans are scum, and the muslims must take control of the earth because Allah the moon god said so. You know what's sad, Americans are stupid enough to allow this to happen. All of our political leaders are using our tax monies to buy votes, that's why we need term limits. We can't vote them out becasue the voters they buy have no skin in the game. America is going down, maybe very soon.
Oh, I'll bet I was. I have never been for supporting any country or nation with tax monies, without the America citizens approveing it. We don't need these programs to support outher countries or nations. This whole isolationist ideology is to spend our tax monies in foreign countries.
Here we go again with that isolatioist phillosophy propaganda. This glodalism ideal of buying your enemy with tax money is getting old. Why should we support countries who hate the USA? Stopping aid to the enemy is not isolationism, it's protectionism. You can bet the GOP has no leadership, it hasn't had any leadership in the last 20 years, or maybe longer. When will these politicial "so called leaders" start taking care of the American tax payers?
Rubio is not lying, this is a starting point for his first votes to become president. Just one problem, president of what?
This type of question shows our elected officials are not in contact with the real world. This type of rhetoric is a form of propaganda to fool the American society. Why don't they know how secure the Mixico border is? All the action going on a long the border, and they don't know how secure it is. What a joke for our elected leaders, or should I say elected crooks. The democrats or the republicans don't care about the American society.
It's so easy to take sides with something no one is sure about. Of course you don't believe in the Bible if you consider it untruthful. I don't believe in our government elected politicians anymore, none can keep their oath or know the Constitution. To bad we can't look into the future, it might surprise us. For sure the American future is in jeopardy. Wouldn't you say history tells us what happens to a country when a society go bad? Even the dirt tells us they were once their, but now they are gone. Will humans be here to archaeology the American society? Not if homosexuals continue to breed.
Run for what? By 2016 America will not be a country. The politicians will have destroyed this country. The dollar will be worth ????
Our supreme court judges are the chosen dumbest in the nation. There law degree is some how fraudulent by politicial association. They don't realize what they are about to do by making gay marriage legal in America. It will let lose every known sin against GOD's will.
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