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Do you think Hitler was smarter than Bloomberg?
Benevolence is not someone who breaks their oath. It is hard for me to believe a politician can have a spirit of goodness. If they have that sensible goodness, they will not exploit tax monies of the hard working middle-class. No, Bush is a member of a group who wants globalism. For them to have the global control, they must destroy the Constitution that promotes capitalism.
Rogers is nothering more than a skunk wearing politicial clothing. No deoderant will cover the smell of a government person lying to the American tax paying legal citizens. He thinks his group of politicial family is smarter than the hard working America citizen. I hope tax paying citizens wake-up to these smelly skunks before we all have to live with the terrible smell, you know the sent of this breed will make you sick.
Shouldn't someone tell Bidin It's not the GOP conservative that's afraid, it is the R.I.N.O.s
Phone records of Republicans or democrats?
This is a good time to investigate Juan. He maybe selling government secrets to the liberals.
Now it's time to investigate the liberals.
How can anybody investigate themselves?
Put in this bill, you can't vote if you don't pay taxes. No welfare people can vote to give themselves a raise.
Da?!, I wish someone would buy Pelosi a different color sex toy.
Why want our congress pass a bill to allow only tax paying citizen the right to vote? After all, the vote is aways about the money.
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