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The Spread of Rocky Mountain Jihad

Redfray Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 4:29 PM
Do you know anything about a doctrine? Specially one that has been around sense 640 AD. These people want you to swear alliance to allah. If you don't, your dead. What type of freedom is that?
I would not like this if I was in the Baptist organization.
You know it. Who picks the juries for the grand jury?
She is not in the "Hot Seat", obama will take care of her. The law has no authority in Washington D.C. The government breaks the law everyday. The bad part, there is nothing we can do about it. So, kiss America good-by.
This judge has just committed murder, and the judge will get away with it. How could these murders be sitting in our courtrooms as the judges?
She never keeps the law. So, why is October 1st any different than any of the other laws they break? They want social medicine to destroy America. NO country has ever made tax medicine work. In fact, it has destroyed all the social systems for the poor. Too bad, it will break the bank, and all the food programs will die.
You have a reference.
We are heading in the direction of a war. I'm sure that is what the democrats want. Of course, it will kill America, and the economy will go down with it. I think this will happen very soon. Many will die, including our children and grandchildren. This war will include all colors of our skin.
These two voters don't know anything about the America government. You talk about ignorant to how the government gets its money, oh boy do they have a lot to learn. I love it when people think they will get something for nothing. Nothing always cost someone something.
Why is our government breaking the law? No government worker can work during a shut-down. A law passed in 1870 makes this very clear.
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