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Why We Were Surprised on November 6th?

Lawrence29 Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 8:54 AM
And the Democrat party is telling us that half of Americans should not have to pay taxes. Which is pretty much what your trying to articulate as the Republican position. So not sure what your trying to say other than both parties are Nazi's? Fact is the Nazi's where right-wing socialists working to control every aspect of German lives, even going so far as to take government control of private industry (just line Obama did with GM). So, yes, please keep talking about all this Nazi-ism in our government and as people start looking into it they're going to see that Obama is the one embracing and enacting Nazi-like politics.

Ok, I was wrong. I thought the Republicans would win the Presidency. I was not the only one. Smart people like Michael Barone and Karl Rove thought so also, in addition to people like Dick Morris. A knowledgeable friend called me the Saturday before the election and told me John McLaughlin, the pollster, just told him Romney wins it going away. So what happened?

First there is the big picture. I think there were three issues that hurt the Romney campaign along the way. The first is his turn to the right to win the primaries. My now politically-astute son asserted...