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There was nothing even remotely related to Jesus in that guys heart.
The only votes suppressed where the people who wanted to vote more than once, or wanted to vote illegally.
Half of all people who get undergraduate degrees would be much better off financially in the trades. Many of you assume the trades are for people who are not qualified to go to college, but that is incorrect. You have to be very bright to work in the field today. plumbers, welders, creft peole of all types are very well trained and make very good livings, oftem more than their college educated counterparts, and without the debt overhang.
This is exactly what will happen in the military. Objective Standards (yes, there are such things) will be lowered so the progressive liberal feminist community will see results. Results that are unearned and that will result in the degradation of the legaal scholarship that defines the legitimacy of our courts and the interpretation of our Constitution, but that is little cost in their minds to the return of results of females being put in elevated positions that they did not earn. 50 years of overt discrimination against males is not enough. Now they will just use naked power (no pun intended for the women) to get their way.
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LawEconUSMC Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 4:05 PM
I think this is great. My chidlren are also virtuoso's in various instruments. I did not perform as a child, but took up the piano and the bass guitar as a reference for their lessons. i am not accomplished, but my children really enjoy making fun of me. more on point they know that when i make an observation about someone's playing I have the right to stand in that areana.
No responsible company incurs costs that they cannot recover in three to five years after production starts. At the current sales figures ask GM how long it will take to recover their development costs. Fifty years?
It is not just studentss in poor school districts whose performance has declined. ALL students in all school districts know less today then their counterparts who graduated from High School in the mid-1950's. This is a verifiable, objective fact. Just review the subject matter changes made to the SAT's to make sure the dumbing down of the curriculum was not highlighted. People keep blaming poverty. Is that why single parenthood of black families went from seven percent (7%) of all births in 1964 to over 70% of all births today in that community (all black births, not just the poor). And by the way, Slavery did not yeild this percentage of out of wed lock births. They only occurred after the civil rights bill was passed.
She speakss of the right of thee individual to control their creative impulses, the product of thosse impulses, and honrs the individuals right to benefit economically from those products. She points out that regulation, narcissim of lesser beings (creatively speaking) the natural impulse of beauracrcies to grow and seek more and more control over our lives will stifle the creative and productive impulses of the elites. Say what you want about the working man, but if industries were not created there would be no working man. Industries aare created by risk taking and creativety. The economy is created by elites and run by their lesser varients. Kill off the ability of elites to control what they create and they stop creating.
Rand's teaching can lead to an individual freedom from which charity, as a decision by the individual, not coerced by the State (as it is now) can lead to a truly moral act. Without individual freedom there can be no choice to contribute the self or the resources aquired by the individual. When our only charity is coerced we are not satisfying the suggestions of the Church or Christ. Give unto Ceasar does not end our obligation to our fellow Man. If the State controls our resources than we cannot make the moral choice to be our brothers keeper. therefore in rands idea of a limited government unable to coerce us, free will shall reign, and then it is the choice of the individual to satisfy the requirements of their moral impulse.
There is no morality, per se, in paying taxes. If anyone thinks there moral obligations to their fellow man is satisfied by paying taxes they are mistaken in the teachings of Christ and the Church. If charity does not come from an act of free will, it is not in accord with our obligations as suggested by Christ or the Church. Faith IS NOT a rational yet unconfirmed belief? Who told you THAT? There is nothing rational about a faith in the Church or Christ. It is an act of free will, and BELIEF that cannot be explained rationally. Is it an act of reason to think something must have preceded the origins of the universe? Perhaps, but that does not lead to faith. You are missing a step here.
It's not easy to find a pro-Palestinian jewish woman who was raised in the united States, but there you go.
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