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Cello Notes

LawEconUSMC Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 4:05 PM
I think this is great. My chidlren are also virtuoso's in various instruments. I did not perform as a child, but took up the piano and the bass guitar as a reference for their lessons. i am not accomplished, but my children really enjoy making fun of me. more on point they know that when i make an observation about someone's playing I have the right to stand in that areana.
Seized by some peculiar muse (clearly one with a sense of humor), I have undertaken to learn the cello in middle age. To the amazement of my teacher, my family and myself, I've made incredibly rapid progress. Displaying a fluidity and musicianship that cannot be taught, I burned through the early books and went straight to repertoire that is usually the province of advanced players.

Well, no actually, except for the part about trying to learn the cello. It's been 18 months now, and I'm plugging away, attempting to force my hands, arms, body, but mostly my brain, to do things...

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