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What Debate? Obama v. Romney Was Incumbent Alpha v. Challenge Alpha

Lav66 Wrote: Oct 20, 2012 11:52 AM
I have been reading these comments and cannot believe what I am reading. There is a stark difference between the two candidates. Ambassador Stevens would still be alive if Romney would have been the one leading the nation. Bengahzi would not have happened under a republican administration period, and the way Obama has consistently lying about it is a disgrace the the office of which he holds. Wake Up! and by the way Ron Paul is a joke! his foreign policy would guarantee a middle east disaster.

Setting aside the nostrum that this election is unique in modern times and probably the most important of our lifetimes, a trope which is repeated every four years, what you and I saw on Tuesday had almost nothing to do with genuine philosophical differences. This was not Cato vs. Caesar, Adams vs. Jefferson, or even Lincoln vs. Douglas. This was incumbent alpha vs. challenge alpha in a chest thumping display of dyadic conflict designed to determine who will occupy the top position in a dominance hierarchy.

Should we expect anything different from two politicians who have conspicuously...

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