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Obama on Foreign Policy: Tax the Rich

Lav66 Wrote: Oct 20, 2012 11:18 AM
The left has been trying to make a lot of hay about Romney's "Binders of women", but what they won't tell you is that Obama requested a "Binder of qualified Muslims to work in the White House. That little tidbit was revealed on Fox News yesterday. No wonder the President won't declare FT. Hood a terrorist act.

As we run up to the final debate- this one on foreign policy- the establishment media hopes that it will be a defining moment in the Obama presidency.

But we already know that Obama’s speech- disguised as a debate- will contain nothing new.

His foreign policy will be based on a simple premise:

“If the rich were taxed at the same rates they were half a century ago,” said Obama senior advisor David Plouffe last year, “they’d be paying in over $350 billion more this year alone, which translates into trillions...

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