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you need to get all of the true facts before you speak.
The reason to limit it on pot is because it is almost the only one that grows naturally. Marijuana is flat out the safest drug that you could take especially with vaporizors that cuts out all the tar from the cannibis. When I talked to my Dr. he told me that the only time the ugly tars are released into the human system is when flame touches the cannibis. There is a legit reason to have medicinal Marijuana.
I have been on the Medical Marijuana plan for a month and I have reduced the amount of methadone from 70 mg to 20 and I have stopped taking my neurontin, and my baclofen all of which cause weight gain I had gained 80 pound before marijuana and since mj. I have lost 30 pounds. The problem is with the prohibition on it just look at history in the 1920's when the government instituted prohibition on alcohol and the rise in organized crime.
This is a touchy subject for me. First; in all disclosure when I was in my teens I was a heavy marijuana user I smoked it daily until my youngest child was born when I woke up and quit. That was twenty years ago. Ten years ago I got hurt off the job, I blew the L-5 disc after further medical examinations I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease. After four back surgeries two of which were fusions I found my self in chronic pain all the time I lost my house, my car, my wife, my ability to earn an income for my self. Doctors put me on all kinds of medication that only took care of 30 percent of my pain but still gave me the unwanted side effects of constipation.
God willing Mr. Ransom God willing.
You are absolutely on crack! All anyone has to do is look up presidential records dating all the way back to Herbert Hoover and I promise you that you will find that Obama has the worst record than any modern day president. Lowest in job creation because Obama is flat out lying to you about 4 million new or saved jobs when the number of people participating in the civilian work force is lower today than the day he took office if and I do mean IF his policies were the right one's the country would be on a much stronger recovery.
That's because you have to be brain dead to think like a libtard.
Thank you Mr. Ransom, You are by far my favorite morning read. There is no better way to start the day by reading material that will make liberals pop a cork. Your writing should be mandatory reading for liberals so that they might gain some sort of common sense while also becoming less hypocritical.
The gentleman in Alaska would have been arrested in the state of Oregon also, I have seen people arrested for DUII for riding a bicycle while intoxicated, in Oregon if the gentleman in question had boarded a log floating down the river while drinking would get you arrested. As for the lethal levels of alcohol is concerned it would be completely depend on how much alcohol you normally drink example, when I was a young man in my early 20's I drank an average of 18 beers a night and have read several articles since that 18 beers will kill most "normal" people.
Even if somebody is wearing body armor a well placed round into the chest will knock the wind out of him giving you the chance to place a round where there is no armor.
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Union Teacher: John Ransom is an Idiot

Lav66 Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 11:47 AM
cont. My son excelled so far that our local newspaper wrote an article on him and a professor from Kansas University wrote a text book on special education while using my son as one his examples. My son's teachers name is Sharon Brumbly or as my son always called her was Mrs. B. She had the biggest impact on my sons education than all of his other teachers combined. Our whole family absolutely loved her. During the years that I was blessed to work with her, the biggest complaint she had were with the regulations that the Board of Education and the unions passed and how much they constricted her ability to do her job.
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