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An IQ Test for Criminals and Liberals

Lav66 Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 10:55 AM
Liberals are nothing more than the pinnacle of hypocrisy! Enhanced interrogation is unamerican but partial birth abortion is just fine, if you were to make liberals happy by converting automobiles to run on natural gas they would log the courts to prevent anybody from drilling for the natural gas. Liberalism is nothing but a major form of mental illness and should be banned from voting because they are not right in the head. With the reelection of Obama we can be rest assured of one thing and one thing only and that is that America will not be able to recover from the worst president in history. We are doomed!

A lot of people say Obama is anti-business, but there’s one part of the American economy that is delighted that he got reelected.

No, I’m not talking about bankruptcy lawyers or corrupt lobbyists, though those would be good guesses.

The real winners from Obama’s re-election are America’s gun manufacturers and gun sellers.

Not that I’ve looked at any data. I’m just basing this on the comments I’ve heard over the past few years and the up-tick in such comments in the past 36 hours.

But I’m quite confident that the overall firearms industry has profited from Obama’s tenure.


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