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Unfortunately, this article leaves alone the troubling practice of forcing other businesses to endorse and participate in these inherently sinful attacks on the institution of marriage, and that is just as much a violation of the constitutional rights of those business owners.
"These disturbing developments leave one to wonder how someone with a college education from nations that supposedly embrace tolerance and freedom would become a militant in a clan of stone age extremists. To me, the answer lies in the increasing lack of cultural assimilation in their countries of origin — the very Western world that we cherish so dearly." WE may cherish Western ideals, but Academia has been a hostile force whispering in the ears of our youth and poisoning their minds against the West for two generations. The so-called P.C. movement has never been anything but a "quell the voice of America" movement, and has had that effect. Small wonder that when Third World students came here and heard, in our own universities, that America was an evil oppressor and responsible for the ills of the world, that these same moochers would make us the convenient scapegoat, thus incited to hatred of their beneficent and oblivious host. Add to this our omnipresent leftist victimhood peddlers, the outcome was predictable and entirely preventable.
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Ain’t I A Woman?: Feminism Unleashed

Laurie63 Wrote: Oct 03, 2014 3:47 PM
The newfeminist agenda actually degrades women, while claiming that the degradation is actually empowerment. It is the ultimate, in-your-face insult to woman who believe that they can have value other than as a sex toy - hence Cosmo's obsession with convincing women it's all about how they look and how "hot" they are in bed. This is why conservative women cannot be welcomed. Not only do they value husbands and children, but they reject the role of "Playmate".
The tactics of muslims and the left are congruous in so far as they actually respect the freedom of no one. This was a triumph of that mentality, so pervasive today, which is an outgrowth of subtle, communist indoctrination tactics introduced into schools in the 1970's called "values clarification". It is a sinister and stealthy use of tiny steps such as this one, which gradually erode an entire people's ability to discern good from evil and accept the "values" of the governing elite. It has made great strides, indeed, when it can be used openly and unabashedly in the public square and the only repercussion is an outcry from a handful of bloggers.
Daniel Doherty is not as smart as he is young and not as conservative as he is country club.
Mitt is a great liberal.
Anyone who loves AMERICA will stop enabling the Republicrats to foist lousy, unelectable liberal candidates on the electorate. I haven't voted for the Republican nominee in 3 presidential elections. I won't vote for Romney, or ANY RINO under any circumstances.
NYT Bestseller List is working on making itself as irrelevant as the NYT "newspaper"
If the premise of the article is true, and I believe it is, then no liberal is even fit to work in ANY profession. If a person is incapable of setting aside his personal beliefs and pursue the ends of his employer, then how can he ever earn his salary? But I object to to the slam against the Church, which is neither true, nor even an apt analogy.
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IRS Approves "Taxpayer Bill of Rights"

Laurie63 Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 8:50 AM
The committed communists don't care about Obama, per se, but they will never criticize anyone who is advancing the agenda to destroy America. That is the only objective for them.
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