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Mind-Numbing Protests, Meet Pepper Spray

laurence32 Wrote: Apr 14, 2012 5:03 PM
Children almost universally believe in egalitarianism, which socialist professors stress and grade their students on how well they apply it. Unfortunately, some of those students succumb to arrest-ed development and never come to realize that socialism is a proven failed economic system that produces a totalitarian government. Some people come to resent cradle to grave care that comes with total submission: 20,000,000 Russians, 6,000,000 plus Germans and countless in history.
You have to really work at it to get arrested at a University of California campus protest. University administrators look at protest as part of the education process -- and they frequently issue memos stating how much they agree with left-wing causes. Administrators don't want campus police to arrest students -- especially students who attend demonstrations against state cuts to higher education.

Thus, students have had to ramp up dissident behavior if they want to be handcuffed and detained. Campus activists have begun to follow Occupy Wall Street's lead and set up tents to create illegal encampments. When campus police have threatened...