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The Colorado legislature, like the nat'l guvmnt, believes guvmnt is the solution. Presi- dent Reagan once said, " government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem." That's even more evident today, according to Thomas Sowell:"The real government corruption (I'm assuming Sowell means at every level) comes from arming government agencies with the taxpayers' money to hire consultants and give research grants to academics and others whose views serve the interests of those particular government agencies, as distinguished from serving the interests of the public from whom these taxes are extracted." We, the people need to make a con- certed effort to remove all collaborating spendthrift socialists buying power from office.
Won't work Freedom Train! Your socialist/Marxist is driven by the elite wealthy in our society determined to create a world "paradise" by reducing and con- trolling the world's population for the greater good of everybody and killing off, "euthanizing", all those who are reluctant to comply, or in the words of an army commander in a distant drama, "These people are going to learn the democratic process if we have to shoot everyone of them."
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Loving and Hating America

laurence32 Wrote: Oct 23, 2013 8:58 PM
Hitler was supported by the intellectual elite, teacher's and university professors. They educated the Hitler youth. Our government dependent schools sing the government's song: dependence on government = control. The numbers are increasing. The value of the dollar is controlled by the elite, not by government. We,the people, are economically and politically pretty much under control. I'm old. Good luck!
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