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White House Lied, Jobs Died

Laura Root Wrote: May 11, 2012 1:30 PM
Yeah, and those legal hispanics voted IN FAVOR of a number of propositions to restrict funding for illegals, jobs for illegals, etc. so, YEAH, they are liable to be behind Arpaio vs the racists Perez and Holder. I may not like everything Arpaio does, but I sure as heck trust him a whole lot more than I do Holder, Perez and Obama!!!

While the White House and its media water-carriers try to distract the American public with gay-marriage talk and half-century-old tales of Mitt Romney's prep school pranks, the inconvenient truth remains: President Obama is responsible for perpetrating jaw-dropping, job-killing scientific fraud. And his minions are still trying to cover it up.

New internal e-mails disclosed by the House Natural Resources Committee this week show that a supposedly exculpatory report on the administration's doctored drilling moratorium analysis -- issued by the Department of Interior's Inspector General's office -- was itself incomplete, misleading and unsubstantiated. Even more damning, the documents reveal that...