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That's it, there is no way you're a real person. Good job Allison, you've kept up this stupid persona for years now - but my bullpoop meter just blew up. It just couldn't take anymore.
Oh now it's you people. We have freakin background checks you ignorant slvt! We people are Americans who are guaranteed our right to own guns by the second amendment. We will NOT roll over for some Marxist pantywaist who believes himself king!
We will "get them"?!? You and what army little missy? You do realize how many of "them" they are don't you?
make that about $500, sorry typo
About 2-3 years ago I didn't have a deductible, and my rate for a family of 3 was about $400 per month. The rate shot up to almost $700 per month and I have a $3,500 deductible. Lovely, eh?
Oh libs...thought confiscation would NEVER happen? What do you have to say now?
Ha ha ha!! Love in your heart? I've seen your posts over the past few years and that ain't love in your heart honey.
Methinks Jay might be looking for a new job soon - or an IRS audit!
I'm a woman, and to the chagrin of my husband, I've often opined that women shouldn't have the right to vote! Or, we need to have everyone take an IQ test before they can.
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