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Before that happens, HHS will issue a regulation that abortion - and not merely abortifacient drugs - MUST be covered by insurance policies. Requiring contraception - which, frankly, most people don't really care about - is just the camel's nose under the tent. Many more people will object to paying for abortions themselves - but the precedent will have been set. After that, on a state-by-state basis, as they legalize assisted suicide, it will be that, as well, which will be considered "mandatory health care." The press will be filled with the sob stories of people suffering with serious illnesses, or depression, who want to end their lives "with dignity." "Any why shouldn't that be covered?" will go the argument. With the IRS in complete control of health care - whether you get it, how you get it, how you pay for it - will no longer be in your control. They will simply deduct it from your refund (if there is one). And if you don't pay your taxes, they will put a lien on your property, confiscate it, and sell it. Or throw you in jail for violating federal law. This is not "soft tyranny" we are seeing, but the birth of the real thing. And people are swallowing it hook, line, and sinker.
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Obama on the Ropes

Laura612 Wrote: May 29, 2013 11:00 AM
Rich, you wish. Sorry -- I wish it were true, but it ain't. The press will let Obama glide through this as he has all other scandals and abuses of power. Oh, this person or that one (Eric Holder, Lois Lerner) may leave. But then it will be all passive-voice-"Mistakes-were-made will" and that will suffice as an apology, and the press will go back to getting leg-tingles and pronouncing Obama to be "god," in exchange for fun visits to the White House. Mark my words.
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Makes me Want to "Holla"

Laura612 Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 1:42 PM
It won't be "death squads." That is reminiscent of Cossacks on horseback riding through the villages with swords. It will be far less dramatic. And far harder to address. It will be unaccountable bureaucrats sitting in some D.C. office building who decide what care will be reimbursed and for whom, when there is insufficient funding to satisfy demand. (And believe me, there will be far more demand than will be able to be paid for.) If doctors won't provide the care when they are not paid, and if people die as a result, well -- call it whatever you like.
What is "authoritarian" is a handful of people - like Madame Secretary Sebelius and her people at the HHS - deciding what everyone else gets - or doesn't. If you don't like your employer's insurance, you have the capacity to find another job. When the government dictates the insurance terms, you have NO choice. The flaws in arguments like yours are myriad, but one of the most glaring is that you are fine with government coercion as long as it coerces the way YOU like. But once the principle is conceded, the government will of course be able to coerce in ways you DON'T like. (For example, perhaps, with a different administration.) I am arguing in favor of a system that limits government's power and preserves individual choice.
No. Read the article. What I say is that the businesses are being forced to do things that are contrary to their OWNERS' moral codes. It is neither "collectivist," nor "paternalistic," nor "authoritarian." It is actually individualistic. The employees DO pay for a portion of their, insurance, typically. But contraception is inexpensive, and there is little reason for insurance to cover this -- you can pick it up inexpensively at your local Wal-Mart. There's nothing stopping an employee from spending her - or his - money on that.
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And Now It's Actually Time to Pay . . .

Laura612 Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 10:03 PM
"...by an amount I don't feel comfortable with"??? That's priceless. My civil rights have just been compromised by an amount I don't feel comfortable with. The Constitution is being shredded at a rate I just don't feel comfortable with. Trillions of dollars are being borrowed at a rate I just don't feel comfortable with. This should be the new meme of 2013.
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Unhinged by Obama

Laura612 Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 11:20 AM
The sun comes up in North Korea, too, you nincompoop. But not to many North Koreans can enjoy it. The problem isn't the way they are NOW. The problem is the precedents that are being put in place. The problems will come later, And blinkered folks like you and those who listen to you will all holler, "But how did this happen?" Those of us who saw it coming will be safe in our homes with our preserved food, our water, and our means of self-defense. But don't worry. The sun will come up then, too.
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We Reap What We Sow

Laura612 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 7:09 AM
Republicans are losing for two reasons: 1. We are the party of limited government, so we justly recoil at the idea of government forcing people to display virtuous behavior that is a function of instilled values and good character. This would not be catastrophic, except for -- 2. We have permitted government to attack and undermine the cultural institutions that instill values and good character (or reinforce them): marriage, families, our schools, our communities, our churches. If we concede "government coercion" to the Left, AND we abdicate control over the other institutions, then we are doomed.
"Atypical"? I'm from Illinois, dear. I know the state's politics quite well. And I am not the only one noticing these trends. See also: http://paulsimoninstitute.org/images/PDF/fall2012/illinois-obama-leads-romney-quinn-approval.pdf A drop of nearly half among Illinois voters. The reference to Romney winning Illinois was tongue-in-cheek. The larger issue is what is happening with voter demographics across the state.
No! She actually is from Illinois.
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