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The Old Order is Dying

Laura275 Wrote: May 30, 2013 3:44 PM
Idiot. The Tea Party isn't dying out at a rate of thousands a week. Maybe they're just in hiding from your socialist leader's IRS. Might I remind you that those caucasian voters pay most of the taxes for "all" the others.
You know what's even more ironic, that Obama releases 1,000's of guns into Mexico that ended up killing hundred of people including children all in the name of creating an environment for them to blame the gun shops on the Mexican border thereby control guns here. It's a game by this administration. The progressives believe the ends justify the means. Most of them are quietly salivating at these horrible events just to push an agenda. Sad commentary .
I just now noticed the lip smacking that Romney does when he finishes a sentence. Someone had mentioned it after the debate and I hadn't picked up on it. Someone needs to tell him to work on it. Can't wait to cast my vote for Governor Romney. Obama only tears up when one of his buddies from the Muslim Brotherhood gets killed or someone is punished with a baby.
Well, if we are going to disqualify Obama, Rubio is also not a natural born citizen. His parents didn't become citizens until after his birth. All's fair. I love Rubio and he is good for the party, but not as a VP candidate. It wouldn't be right and would give the left way too much fodder.
Shuuut uuup!
Naturalized and natural born are also two different things.
OMG, that would be something wouldn't it?
Correct, Obama is a British subject as well. Also would like to know what he used as a nationality on his passport when he traveled to Indonesia when Americans weren't allowed to do so at the time.
Wasn't the whole point of the term "natural born" specifically for eligibility for the office of the Presidency? I mean didn't the founding fathers want people who's allegiance was to America and not the country their parents came from? Meaning the parents should also be citizens so the allegiance wouldn't be questioned. So basically what York is saying is that the pregnant illegal Mexican running over the border to give birth to her child in the parking lot of the closest Piggly Wiggly, that child is eligible to be President of the United States? The obvious allegiance of this child is to Mexico where that child's parents are from, not the United States.
Didn't Hillary Clinton do her thesis on Saul Alinsky? Yes, I think she did. So apparently he was important enough for a progressive socialist like Hillary to use as a basis for her thesis, which she tried to hide by the way.
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