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Coulter Defends Romney

latebloomer Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 10:53 AM
I love Coulter's work. She's sharp, she does her research, and she tends not to pull her punches. Both informative and entertaining. But, she is as capable of rationalizing her positions as any of the less obnoxious Dems. For instance, she now describes her ealier enthusiasm for Chris Christie- as wishy-washy a Republican as you'll find on any issue outside of fiscal management- as "the equivalent of running off with a biker."
Mitt Romney tells people he won't fire federal workers or cut education spending. He says he'll spend more on the military. He sounds like a big-government guy. Or is he just pandering for votes?

Ann Coulter came on my TV show to defend Romney.

"What you call pandering is called getting elected," Coulter said.

Romney says he'll repeal Obamacare. Great! But he wants to keep popular parts: coverage for pre-existing conditions and keeping grown kids on their parents' policies until age 26. Those mandates are popular. But that's not insurance. That's welfare.

"If we do not repeal Obamacare in the next...