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Random Thoughts

latebloomer Wrote: 21 hours ago (8:27 PM)
I would, too- but, I don't think we could ever print enough money to make that trade palatable to Israel, no matter how fast we ran the presses.
Much like the originals, we have two complete sets- Moe, Larry, and Curly for foreign policy as JR describes above, and Moe, Shemp, and Curly Joe for the domestic side.
Pledge, smedge. Politicians make pledges for anything and everything in a campaign, if they think the group asking for it or the issue has enough impact to matter. We need somebody with a track record of reform, and the courage to tell it like it is, Has Scott Walker indicated any inclination to run?
He was "allowed" to resign. Approximately 10 years later, he was quietly rehired. Despite the company's continuing denials, it's fairly obvious New Coke was a subterfuge to replace sugar in the recipe with less expensive and easier to handle high fructose corn syrup. The difference is obvious when you compare the current product sold here with the import from Mexico (still made with sugar) becoming increasingly available.
Bullets are only used to kill in defense of life, liberty, or property, or when used by criminals or thugocracies to attack life, liberty, or property. Tobacco doesn't kill anyone except by their choice to use it (the fraudulent canard of "deadly second-hand smoke" notwithstanding). You ought to look into the widespread exploitation and slavery in the "new", virtually impossible to police online porn industry.
To go along with his richly (un)deserved Nobel, I hereby Nominate former resident James Carter for the inaugural P.T. Barnum Memorial Prize, as the sucker born that particular minute.
V-"man" is a relativist. There is no such thing as memory, merely spin; there are no facts, merely opinion and interpretation.
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Is Thinking Obsolete?

latebloomer Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 7:23 PM
No- lamebrain political hacks shouldn't be on Fox. Never understood why Beckel is there either, except possibly as an example of sheer dumb@$$ery...
Sounds like it's directed more at the "Peace at any cost" crowd. Not that the two are mutually exclusive...
Gotta wonder how philosophically grounded this American for Limited Government is if they have the purpose of taxation exactly backwards- but then, who doesn't these days? Taxes are not a be-all and end-all in themselves (nor are the governments that levy them, for that matter). The rational for both is to provide necessary services not practical for the private sector to take care of. Said services to local businesses consist primarily of infrastructure and public safety. Local businesses consume such services, and so are responsible for the payment of taxes to support them. Online retailers without a presence in the community do not consume said services, except for that small part involved in the delivery itself- which is already covered by taxes levied against the delivery service. They SHOULD NOT be liable for local taxes- unless you operate from the premise that taxes are levied for the benefit of the taxing authority. This completely inverts the relationship between citizen and government, changing it to government and subject. Of course, we pretty much made that leap with the passage of the 16th Amendment.
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