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Will Immigration Reform Kill Rubio's Presidential Chances?

LastStand Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 9:35 AM
As a native Floridian, I can tell you without question that Rubio will NEVER get a vote from me. In fact, I will probably be actively campaigning AGAINST him, putting up signs, talking to my friends and pretty much anyone who will listen. All Rubio cares about is his own career. I don't believe he's a conservative....he's just mastered the talk to fool conservatives into believing that he is. When you look at his record, his votes are only conservative when THEY WON'T CHANGE ANYTHING! But when it matters, he goes the wrong way. In the end, how can you trust anyone who will sell out his country to illegal invaders? Isn't that called TREASON??????
spectator2 Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 9:45 AM
Floridian here, also. Rubio has always advocated for illegal aliens. He introduced DREAM Acts twice in the early 2000's and in 2008 when he was the Speaker of the FL House he blocked all enforcement legislation, including that relating to illegal alien felons. Were you here for that? It was disgusting. I didn't vote for him for Senator. Unfortuantely, he's a practiced liar and lied about his position on illegal immigration, and many Floridians believed him. It pains me that I have watched this traitor rise to the top when he has been so solidly against Americans. He cares nothing for the United States.
Fooling Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 9:41 PM
See, I am from Florida too. And these people have no idea how sleazy Rubio and Jeb and the Florida GOP, for that matter, really are.

Total losers.

Really. Stay away from these idiots. Stay away from Florida politicians. They are the worst of the worst, whether GOP panderers or Democrats.

By now, I almost prefer the latter, lol.

Passing major legislation is not a path to the presidency. So why is Sen. Marco Rubio, who is almost surely running for the 2016 Republican nomination, working so hard on comprehensive immigration reform?

Look at the only lawmaker who has become president in the last half-century. Barack Obama did almost nothing in his brief time in the Senate. His career in the world's greatest deliberative body consisted mainly of showing up, becoming immediately dissatisfied and looking for something better.

Obama never took a leading role crafting any piece of momentous legislation. And some of the things he did do, like voting...