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Comparing Presidents by Average Number of Regulations Issued per Year

lastman Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 3:36 PM
That is, approximately 40/day for Clinton, 65/day for Bush, and 85/day for Obama. Obviously, the Republic would not have fallen apart without them. Just as obviously, this is not what the Founders had in mind, and in no stretch of anyone's imagination, even Brewer's, is it accommodated by the Constitution.

We decided to revisit the Mercatus Center's RegData database, this time to compare recent U.S. Presidents. Although the database only goes back to 1997 and covers the period through 2010, that's enough to span at least a portion of the terms of three Presidents: Bill Clinton (3 years), George W. Bush (8 years) and Barack Obama (2 years). The chart below shows what we found when we calculated the average number of new rules, regulations and restrictions imposed upon Americans per year by each President:

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