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Better Tools for Immigration Reform Than in 1986

lastman Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 11:00 AM
'we've been there done that'. And how/why are they going to all of a sudden develop the capability to find these illegals and fine them. They are lying through their teeth. The congress has two powerful constituenciencies at the heart of this. The first are the employers that like the cheap labor. The second is the welfare state consisting of those that draw a government check instead of working, the bureaucracy that mails that check, and the politicians that the other two vote for. Did the Senators mention the real problem?

Yesterday, as Barack Obama called for a bipartisan immigration bill in Las Vegas and Sen. Marco Rubio called for one on Rush Limbaugh's program, the chances for passage look surprisingly good.

But in some quarters -- mostly from the right, but also from liberals like blogger Mickey Kaus -- comes a complaint that deserves to be addressed.

We tried this once already, they say, in the 1986 immigration act. We were told that in return for legalization of illegal immigrants we would get tough border control and strict enforcement against employers who hired illegals.

We got the amnesty, these folks say,...