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Why couldn't he have prepared himself before he interviewed Raffi?
What? Care to rewrite that?
What is revealing is that this illegal alien is apparently unconcerned about having his immigration status publicly revealed. This says everything that needs to be said about the enforcement of our immigration laws. If they were known to be enforced, would he be so eager to go public?
Whoops! Looks like I'm going to have to tune-in Crossfire. Somehow I hadn't thought of that, because I almost never wander over to CNN. I just hope that they maintain some decorum there. I refuse to watch shows where the guests are constantly interrupting each other. I guess they're told to behave that way, but I find it to be a total turnoff.
Forget Sally, but what about Danielle? Where has she been? Why haven't I heard of her before? Google, here I come. I have to see more of her.
Dylan has done what I had thought to be impossible: make me sympathize with Debbie Schultz. Other than this interview, I don't know much about him, but it makes me shudder to think that there are people like him on my side. Become a Liberal, Dylan; there are many more like you over there. You and Larry O'Donnell would be great pals. You are made for each other.
If Kruschchev wanted to take the missiles back after realizing how extreme Castro and Guevarra were, please explain that incident when the Russian ships turned back upon reaching the American picket line, and why one Russian Captain even wanted to launch some of his own missiles in protest.
jrpublic, Who was Anthony Johnson?
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What's Wrong With the News

lastinline Wrote: Jul 31, 2013 9:44 AM
Well, I lost interest in the article after the first few lines, but if he was saying the "names" were funny, I agree. I, too, laughed aloud at the reintroduction of the type of jokes I had first hear heard in Junior-Hi, and I'm seventy-five. They even led me to create some of my own. There were also some Russian nones, but I only remember one. Chinese is easier.
The disreputable cousins of those jokes made me laugh when I was in grammar school, and these cleaner versions did, too. Lighten up, people.
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