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A Rear 'View': Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Decade of Conservative Courage

lastinline Wrote: Jul 15, 2013 8:12 AM
I have to agree with that. In fact, I've thought the same for years, but never got around to saying so. After all, why I should I be the one to knock a fellow conservative. However, now that she's gone, thanks for expressing my thoughts on the subject. What if they got a bright, articulate member? That wouldn't work. It would be too ugly for public television. Those Liberals are just too full of hate.

She had to suffer through grueling obstacles courses, battle some annoying mosquitoes and endure a bit of backstabbing from her tribe. Oh yeah – and she was also on Survivor. The fact that Elisabeth Hasselbeck lived on a deserted island for 31 days perhaps explains why the conservative mother was prepared for the nine years she spent co-hosting The (Liberal) View.

Hasselbeck thrives on challenges. She knew that when she auditioned for Season Two of Survivor in 2001, Survivor: Australian Outback, and played a smart enough game to reach the final four. She also must have known her own strength...