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"Ever heard of ammonium nitrate" Ever heard of a cruise missile? How about chemical or biological weapons? Think they wouldn't resort to that if it was the only way to take care of the "rednecks" you speak of and maintain power? Did Stalin, Pol Pot or Hitler blink an eye? And who would condemn them if they did? The U.N.???????
I never said it was the norm, nor did I say it should be expected of most. I only said that the color of their skin wasn't the deciding factor. What's not the norm is for most blacks to grow up in stable homes, with intelligent parents and surroundings that support discipline and foster growth in academics. If they had all that going for them, then I suspect your "studies" would start to show different results. Virtually any child, given the proper environment, can achieve just about anything academically regardless of skin color. To believe otherwise is, by proper definition, racist.
And we've had black astronauts, scientists, nuclear engineers, etc, etc, etc. Black people are just as capable of achieving anything a white person is. It's the culture, stupid, NOT the color of their skin!
"Teachers in the classroom should be REQUIRED to be trained in the use of firearms and have a pistol on their side-mounted holster ready for defense. Why this has not been implemented long ago is a baffling mystery to me." Teachers in the classroom should be allowed to knock the sh**t out of any kid that spouts off at the mouth. And the parents at home should be required to follow suit when they get home too. Then again, with the way liberals have messed up the schools, I don't know if I trust the teachers with guns around my kids!
You're dreaming of another time, my friend. You do realize that under martial law, the Constitution is suspended and we have a defacto dictatorship, right? By that time you'll find out what those 2 billion rounds and armored tanks DHS bought are for.....
Not really....I just know that he said that we didn't need what Arizona was doing, and that he's out there pushing for amnesty now. I've never liked Rubio. He gives a good speech, saying all the right things. But when it comes time to vote, his votes are calculated to not make a difference either way, then he crows about them. He's a liar, opportunist and traitor.
Yes, which is why I won't vote for him either if he ever runs for President. But Rubio is supposed to be representing ME, here in Florida, and he's thrown his lot in with the INVADERS! Make no mistake: Amnesty WILL change this countries direction because it WILL create a guaranteed majority voting block for the Democrats. That means kiss the Supreme Court goodbye (and your rights). So in my mind, NOTHING else matters. If they get Amnesty through, every other right will be lost because no one that would defend them will ever get elected, and the supreme court will side with the liberals in any court challenge to the laws they pass. We will be living TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!!!!
"He pointed out that the oath of office requires congress to defend the Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment, against all enemies, foreign or domestic. " And this is why he is pushing for Amnesty of ILLEGAL ALIENS that are INVADING our country???? That's TREASON!!!!
If Rubio helps pass immigration reform/Amnesty, then the Democrats will have a guaranteed electoral advantage and no conservative will ever sit in the White House again. A Dem will then stack the Supreme Court, and at that point, they can pass whatever they want, including limits on the 2nd Amendment. And consider that Rubio is representing ILLEGAL ALIENS over AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!! I'd call that TREASON!!!
And no, I did not even bother reading Rubio's article, because all he does is talk the talk, he doesn't walk the walk. He is just saying whatever he needs to to advance his career. Don't be fooled!!!!!!! If the Dems manage to get amnesty for the illegals, this country is DONE. Nothing else will matter because the Dems will have permanent control over the White House and probably the congress too, and they WILL pass any restrictions on the 2nd Amendment or anything else they want, gain a solid majority on the Supreme Court, and bankrupt the country. And ANYONE who aids in that effort is a TRAITOR!!!!!!
When Rand Paul was doing his filibuster, unlike Mike Lee who spent considerable time with Rand Paul, Rubio showed up just long enough to ride Rand Pauls coattails in a "me too" kind of way. Made me sick!!! I call that being opportunistic! He will NEVER get a vote from me!!!!
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