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Rubio will never be president. Next up will likely be Hillary. In fact, I think it's incredibly unlikely that we'll EVER see another Republican/Conservative president. There is NO upside for Republicans on this issue. Once the Immigration Bill comes out, Republicans will either fall all over themselves pushing for it (and alienating their base) or running from it (alienating Hispanics). And when it passes, Obama will get the credit, and the Dems will point out that they had to drag the Republicans kicking and screaming to get it done. No matter what, the Dems win, and you can kiss Florida and Texas goodbye. There's no way a Republican can win without Florida, much less Texas to boot.
I appreciate what NumbersUSA is trying to do. But putting my name on a list that can later be used by the government to target me later is not exactly my idea of being smart. No one in the government CARES what you think or how many people oppose it. If you haven't noticed, they aren't particularly concerned with representing you. The endgame is nearly here, and you'll have a choice between a Democrat, a Socialist and a Communist.
So, you don't believe in the rule of law, just say that. These people are fleeing the corruption and "crony capitalism" that has destroyed the economies in their home countries because the rule of law doesn't exist. I don't blame them for wanting to do that. But in doing that, they are importing the same problems they are fleeing from, and destroying our economy in the process. The rule of law is the basis of our society. When the law and justice are no longer blind, you create an environment where lawlessness is JUSTIFIED. For all the talk of "fairness", it's "beyond comprehension" that people can't see where this leads.
I agree, however I think the answer to your question is obviously never. In fact, once they pass amnesty and Democrats have a lock on the White House for the rest of this countries existence, they'll pack the Supreme Court and you'll find the Constitution more and more irrelevant, since you'll have liberal justices interpreting it. I've resigned myself to the fact that I WILL see the demise of the United States of America, possibly before the year is out. What will replace it will be in form only, and the rule of law will cease to exist. It will be one party rule, first by socialists and eventually by communists.
I'm a software engineer, though I specialize in Client/Server apps, not Web development. So sorry, I wasn't aware that the comments were tied to the date an article was posted, nor that an article that's posted on one date will be re-posted on another date, thus deleting all posts. Must be how their website is structured. It seemed more like TownHall was trying to sanitize the article. As for my intellect, I'm smart enough to understand that when a politician is advocating for people that are in the country illegally instead of his own constituents, he's not exactly upholding his oath of office. You are free to support whoever your wish.....just be careful what you ask might not like it.
He's supposed to represent ME, yet all he seems to care about are those he has no obligation to...those that are here ILLEGALLY!!!!! Didn't our founding fathers call that "taxation without representation"????
As a native Floridian, I can tell you without question that Rubio will NEVER get a vote from me. In fact, I will probably be actively campaigning AGAINST him, putting up signs, talking to my friends and pretty much anyone who will listen. All Rubio cares about is his own career. I don't believe he's a conservative....he's just mastered the talk to fool conservatives into believing that he is. When you look at his record, his votes are only conservative when THEY WON'T CHANGE ANYTHING! But when it matters, he goes the wrong way. In the end, how can you trust anyone who will sell out his country to illegal invaders? Isn't that called TREASON??????
I looked at this article last night and there were quite a few comments.... What happened to them all????
So, they'll filibuster attempts at gun control, but they'll support amnesty for illegals, which will give the Dems a permanent majority and the White House, where they can then pack the supreme court and thereby have the final say over what is Constitutional. Makes perfect sense!
Makes sense for HIM, but it's a violation of his oath and treason to his adopted country.
"Ever heard of ammonium nitrate" Ever heard of a cruise missile? How about chemical or biological weapons? Think they wouldn't resort to that if it was the only way to take care of the "rednecks" you speak of and maintain power? Did Stalin, Pol Pot or Hitler blink an eye? And who would condemn them if they did? The U.N.???????
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