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Why Bill O'Reilly is Wrong About The Bible

lasmar1 Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 12:08 AM
SO, a man and man can naturally conceive children huh? OH and two women can naturally produce a child? And civilization goes on then? ITS PERVERTED! ITS NOT NATURAL! So stop taking all this "your Bible blah blah blah".
what did Confucius ever do for you? lol
Yup, sadly they will find out when its too late.
amen to that maverick!
you sound like the idiot Robert. worker is absolutely right. Everyone should have their RIGHTS in this society, no? How IS polygamy or incest any different really?
why does God have to say dont marry same sex WHEN he says a man should NOT lie with a man as you lie with a woman? Why did He destroy sodom & gomorrah? PLEASE dont spew your ignorant and incorect garbage!
Milt, if you respect Christianity and are familiar with its principles, what keeps you from believing? With all due respect, im just curious. God Bless!
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