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More Crony Capitalism -- "ObamaPhone" Style

laruman Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 2:55 PM
In southern Cook county this is what I actually witnessed myself several months ago. Booths were set up in food stores and even in parking lots under tents in parking lots where they were giving away Free Govt cell phones. All that was required was a govt. photo ID card, and or a medicare card to get the free phone. A very nice phone, much better than my dumb cell phone. NO income verification. The tents had lines of 30 - 40 people lined up even when the temp was 95 and the lots must have been much hotter. They did this for days and weeks. I know people who walked away from the tent with a free phone that only showed a medicare card.

Everyone remembers the horrendous "ObamaPhone" video, of course.

At the time, I noted that the "ObamaPhone" episode illuminated President Obama's expertise at "using taxpayer money to buy support, pay off supporters, or for overall self-glorification."  Huh.  I was just thinking about the support it bought from people like the woman using it, and attributing the benefit to Obama, rather than to the taxpayers who are actually subsidizing her phone use.

But now, it emerges (via Andrew Stiles in the Washington Free Beacon) that -- in another example of Chicago-style "crony capitalism" -- ObamaPhones are profiting Obama donors, too....