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Government School PR Group Hammers “Won’t Back Down” Movie

Larue4 Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 12:13 PM
We would have to get rid of the teachers unions first. They are the biggest obstacle to any kind of meaningful change. I had one son in public school years ago and the garbage that passed for learning was not to be believed. When I politely talked to the teacher, she said there was "nothing she could do" to change the curriculum. The "principle" had the same sorry story. My son left the public education system and I sent him to a private school. It meant a lot of sacrifice, but was well worth it to get him out of the clutches of re-education system and provide him with an objective learning enviroment.
Magna Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 2:31 PM
I would yank My children out of school with what they are preaching and teaching to them is absurd. They would be home schooled first -and then I would be shopping around for a quality parochial school next as I went to for several years when I was young -they do a fantastic job and no pledging or bowing to Obama is done there I assure you -and so much of that is going on that parents are not aware of along with other brainwashing messages of their children -they would be horrified if only they knew what goes on in schools with these Leftist teachers -my sister is a teacher and she is so far left she should just move all the way to China !
The educational establishment is ramping up its attack of “Won’t Back Down,” a fictional movie of a parent and teacher teaming up to take over a failing school through a “parent trigger” law.

The movie will be released nationally on Sept. 28.

The National School Public Relations Association is now working with the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers in issuing talking points to members about how to best dismiss the point of the movie without actually looking like they’re attacking it.

“We urge you to consider applauding the passion and activism of...