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Obamacare, Socialism, And Rick Perry’s Assumptions

larsen14 Wrote: Mar 17, 2013 11:59 PM
what I find shocking is that all these goverors keep saying(and I include my own govoner in ohio) the money the feds are giving out is just to good to pass up!! do they not realize that the federal goverment is broke!!! with 17 trillion in debt how much more free money do they think they are going to get??

“The popular media narrative is that this country has shifted away from conservative ideals, as evidenced by the last two presidential elections. That’s what they think. That might be true if Republicans had actually nominated conservative candidates in 2008 and 2012.”

Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas) drew applause with that line, as he spoke at last week’s “Conservative Political Action Conference’ (“CPAC”) in Maryland. And if there’s any sure-fire way to draw applause from a conservative audience in 2013, taking a swipe at both the media and the Republican Party is probably a good strategy.

Yet if there is...