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Washington Post to Harry Reid: Yeah, You Lied About Romney's Taxes

Lars795 Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 1:43 PM
Romney has released what is legally required of him, and if the IRS has not done anything yet then there is nothing wrong with them. Except maybe they want to see his donations, his deductions, where he banks his money and see if they can get any of it. Of course percentage wise I am sure that Romney has paid and given more than Obama, Reid, and Pelosi combined! He has definitely created more jobs than they have, has created more businesses that succeed than they have, and is morally cleaner than they are. And all THAT drives them nuts!!

Despite groups like ThinkProgress and people like Nancy Pelosi defending Harry Reid's comments about Mitt Romney not paying taxes for ten years because someone told him so, the Washington Post is giving the Senate Majority Leader four Pinocchios, pointing out that two years of released Romney returns show he paid taxes, making Reid's assertions false right away.

Romney’s 2010 return and his estimated 2011 return do show that he paid substantial taxes in those years. In 2010, he earned nearly $22 million, including $3 million in taxable interest, nearly $5 million in dividends and more than $12...