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Proclaiming Liberty in Central Pennsylvania

Lars795 Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 12:10 AM
CONT. that can work, lets do again a CCC and WPA program, without any unionization. And the benefit will be learning a trade, housing, and food. We do not need to be giving out cell phones. We do not need to be giving out food stamps to purchase junk.

Supporters of limited government have little to cheer about today (and Romney winning wouldn’t have changed that in my opinion), so I’m going to point out a small glimmer of hope. In Pennsylvania’s 79th district, voters elected a local finance professor and radio host named John McGinnis to the state House of Representatives. A lot of Republicans talk a good game about liberty and smaller government – “Dr. John” eats it for breakfast.

Now I’m fully aware that unconventional candidates for public office generally have their best chance for success in lower profile races. The 79th district is also solidly Republican and so...

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