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MSNBC Attorneys on Rachel Jeantel: "She's 19, Give Her A Chance To Get An Education!"

Lars795 Wrote: Jul 16, 2013 10:21 PM
You have right there. And teachers are afraid of being called racist if they try to correct little Johnny and Sue if they get something wrong if they are not Caucasian!

I left this on the cutting room floor but it must be stated that attorney Seema Iyer pulled the most commonly used white guilt trump card during the interview when she praised Rachel Jeantel for being so "authentic" and "honest" during the trial. Yea, the old "authentic" declaration made by white liberals who in doing so show their superiority towards blacks by making false praises that they themselves would never accept for nor hand out to their own children.

Of course Mr. Tingles seconds Seema's remarks.