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Joe Biden: “Great” Cities are in China, Not U.S.

Lars795 Wrote: Jun 16, 2012 2:05 AM
No comparison, but let us do the same to Detroit that was done to Hiroshima (without a nuke), use someone else's money to rebuild it, and then let us compare. Do you want to go through what Japan and Europe did just to get brand new infrastructure? Of course I do forget, a large number of those living or passing through Detroit are destroying it anyhow. When people are stealing the siding off of homes being lived in, and anything else that can be sold (and I do not think it is for food to live on) those same folk are the first to complain if someone does it to them.

As a follow-up to Kate’s post earlier today, it seems Uncle Joe Biden is at it again with another stunning (and possibly offensive) observation. (Via The Washington Examiner):

"If I blindfolded Americans and took them into some of the airports or ports in China, and then took one of them to any of your cities in the middle of the night just so that they could see it. If I said, 'which one is in America and which one is in China,' most Americans would say, 'That great one is in...