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He has been backed by a joint Congress his first two years and then a blocked and held hostage Senate the next four years. He will learn that Congress is not behind him anymore and hopefully there will be those there that will tell him and his administration where to go!
AZ needs to build a border fence that KILLS anyone trying to get across it, control ALL other access points with an iron fist!
The world, and most importantly the United States is not the world we grew up in. I love history and I see so much of NAZI Germany happening in the US it is scary. I do not want to see it, but I can see the writing on the wall and "reeducation camps" being in full force, no freedom of religion except for a state religion, freedom of speech as long as you say what is "Politically Correct", owning a weapon of any sort being a free ticket to camp, healthcare at the governments whim, and not a tatoo but a microchip implant. Oh, and I was born in the Territory of Alaska, served and retired from the military, worked with government backed operations around the world, and currently live with my family in Germany. It now being closer to what the United States used to be than what the United States has been turning into.
To those that voted or will vote for Obama and his administration for the various reasons (Obamaphones, Obamacare, radical extremist killers in the US, rampant illegal aliens committing crimes and being released, etc etc) when the Constitution goes away, and those in power don't care if the "little people, or slaves" starve or die, just remember you are the ones that voted against your freedoms!
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How The Democrats Plan To Create Jobs

Lars795 Wrote: Nov 02, 2014 4:35 AM
If those that choose not to work, but could work, received less in benefits than those that worked a 40 hour week with the current minimum wage, after taxes, that would be a game changer. Making prison a place where one did not want to go back to (a private room and time to think of why your there), that would be a game changer. Having Workfare instead of Welfare (those that cannot work, like the truly disabled, excluded) that would be a game changer.
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Why You Shouldn’t Vote

Lars795 Wrote: Nov 02, 2014 4:12 AM
I want on the ballot, for ALL states "NONE of the above!". Imagine what would happen if that was the one that received the most votes and it HAD to be accepted! THAT would send the message! Also eliminating ALL the pensions of politicians and most of their benefits!
Sounds like a typical Democrat, lies about everything.
Yes, but most of the Dem voters live in the big cities, and I would guess a lot receive benefits that they feel they would lose if they voted for the GOP.
Yes, but being military they probably will not be allowed back into America unti after 21-40 days quarantine.
Since they are being forced to provide abortion, can they ask who the father is, and also provide education on abortion, BEFORE it occurs?
Mail in ballots are valid, but there needs to be PROOF that the voter cannot get to the polling place. Ie, I am currently working overseas (spent half my career overseas with the military and as a contractor), I was in Turkey Pres. Bush, Iraq when Obama was elected the first time, Germany when he "won" the second, Saudi for the first Pres. Bush. Very valid reasons for not being able to be in the states to vote; as opposed to those not being able to make it because they are on "vacation" or can't miss the new "Super Talent" or the sale of the newest iPhone. And photo ID would solve a lot of problems, and do not go racist, disabled, or any other BS reason! You have to have a photo ID (Gov) to buy tobacco, alcolhol, prescriptions, and gov. benefits.
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