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Sounds like a typical Democrat, lies about everything.
Yes, but most of the Dem voters live in the big cities, and I would guess a lot receive benefits that they feel they would lose if they voted for the GOP.
Yes, but being military they probably will not be allowed back into America unti after 21-40 days quarantine.
Since they are being forced to provide abortion, can they ask who the father is, and also provide education on abortion, BEFORE it occurs?
Mail in ballots are valid, but there needs to be PROOF that the voter cannot get to the polling place. Ie, I am currently working overseas (spent half my career overseas with the military and as a contractor), I was in Turkey Pres. Bush, Iraq when Obama was elected the first time, Germany when he "won" the second, Saudi for the first Pres. Bush. Very valid reasons for not being able to be in the states to vote; as opposed to those not being able to make it because they are on "vacation" or can't miss the new "Super Talent" or the sale of the newest iPhone. And photo ID would solve a lot of problems, and do not go racist, disabled, or any other BS reason! You have to have a photo ID (Gov) to buy tobacco, alcolhol, prescriptions, and gov. benefits.
No, beheading maybe a bit to much, impaling them by having them "sit" on a post in the ground wound be much better.
Arrest them, try them, and convict them for felonies. And all of the ballots that they turned in get destroyed after their trial!
For those of you that have never served, or do not have family that served, quiet! It is VETERANS DAY, yes there will be veterans attending the concert, and families of veterans. But what about those that cannot attend because they gave their lives, or their family that is visiting them? Keep the Blue Line open, add additional buses to the others, if that means drivers do not get a day off because they have to work, TOUGH! USAF, Ret!
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The President Who Cried Wolf

Lars795 Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 9:05 PM
Yep, and I read the story in the original language, German. No Political Correctness or Feel Good about it.
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10 Things to Know for Today

Lars795 Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 11:15 AM
It would be counter productive in his desire to destroy America.
Ok, fine, let him have it his way. But before they get one they need to inform the Doctor, hospital, etc. who got them pregnant, and then that person needs to be arrested and brought up on charges of Statutory Rape!
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