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Every single one of these people that retire, resign, or get promoted out of these positions that would have the average American fired and/or fined and/or put in prison, need to be investigated and audited. Those that received bonuses and raises for job performance when they should not have, need those taken back. They do such to military all the time, and usually when they take back money they take it all, or as much as possible, at once!
It doesn't count if they are extreme Liberal and Democrats!
Just as they will not report a CCW holder prevented or stopped a crime. Just as they ignored, or tried to, that the majority of "knock em out/dead" game players had African ancestory!
Seeing that photo, could one just imagine the "fun" of seeing what a C130 Gunship could do to them, or even a B52 bombing campaign! They are nothing but thugs hiding behind women, children, disabled, and the elderly. They know NOTHING of total war!
Dort them all! NO anchor babies! NO benefits for free! NO taking jobs from Americans; go after companies that hire because of no benefits and low pay because a person is illegal, fine the owners (not the business) that hire illegals. WE, being the United States of America, cannot afford to house, feed, educate, cloth, and give medical care to the world!
He's gonna try to disband SCOTUS, same as he keeps on going around Congress.
Unions were fine as long as they were truly for the workers. But when they started to play politics against the wishes of the members they went to far. Of course when the union leadership was paying themselves huge sums along with a lot of perks ...........
Yes, but he has shown the GOP what it can do and all they have to do is show him the record of what he did!
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Temptation of Wishful Thinking on Iran

Lars795 Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 4:06 AM
Was at Camp Liberty, they can have it. The people from Iran that I have spoken to here in Germany all wish the Shaw was back in power. When the radicals took over everything went downhill as far as living goes!
If it gets appealed at the 9th they will have him released for various reasons.
Someone wants to use drugs, fine, but no benefits, no assistance, if they have family (kids, spouse) then they get separated from them. Commit a crime to get the drugs, death! You can use drugs all you want as long as that use does not harm or hurt anyone, and does not cost the taxpayers anything. Drug dealers, automatic death sentence, underage kids being used as dealers, automatic death sentence for those using them. Those dealing in drugs, loss of everything they have!
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