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Try looking at everything he is doing and trying as a way to cause a reason for declaring Martial Law! And by doing such eliminating elections, the Constitution, and anything else he wants. You like your 3000sf home for you and your kids, be prepared to share it with three other families!
Prosecuted heck! Send in all female kill squads with orders to execute with extreme predjudice all ISIS members and supporters!
Those that move should not be able to collect aid from the states they move to!
Let's see, is this no proof the same as Lerner using "no emails" as a defense?
The Obama/Jarrett/Soros administration is a house of cards, what will happen when one of those cards decides to speak out in public?
They need to go after all of those involved, get enough info to toss them in jail with a high bond. And no convictions while Obama or Biden are able to pardon them! This entire administration thinks they are above the law; of course so did Marie Antoinette and King Louis!
I have delt with a lot of liberal teachers and my grades suffered for it, they hated losing discussions when it came to truths and facts. They also hated being told to live within the same "rules" that they expected everyone else to follow.
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Political Stereotyping

Lars795 Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 2:26 PM
FDR Presidency: A Democrat, he was elected four times and served from March 1933 to his death in April 1945.
How about this, take away government funding for Obamacare, take back payment from those that did not create a real working computer program. And everyone in the government civil sector is part of it along with unions, all religions (including Islam), etc etc etc.
Maybe, but how many fulltime jobs were lost vs how many part time jobs filled? Also how many fulltime jobs for more than "entry level minimum wage"? How many that give benefits of healthcare (oh that's right, we have Obamacare, LOL), paid vacation time, etc?
Just what I was thinking! Also since we have computers and all, they will make sure that any and all imagery shows a "white" person is at fault!
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