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How about writing a thesis about whether or not children learn anything real in Californian schools! And not being afraid to say the truth about their teachers gets bonus points!
But they will never admit that maybe, just maybe, it is THEM that people dislike. Does not matter what ethnic background, what sex, what religion, what education, etc that they have; but it is the PERSON themselves! When I was in the military I was brought up on charges of discrimination, they were dropped when a person testified for me that it wasn't the race of the person that I did not like, it was the person themselves; and he let them know that even HE disliked the person for how they acted and behaved! Oh, he was one on the few REAL African-Americans that I knew, he was born in Africa, his family came to the US and EARNED their citizenship, it was not handed to them like Obama wants to do to all the illegals in the US.
The mortgage system worked also until they were being told that if someone did not have a decent job, did not have good credit, or did not have a down payment, they could not deny them a mortgage! I knew the SWHTF when I was working in Saudi (after retiring from the USAF) and saw a CNN report on how fantastic it was that almost anyone could buy a home. They had an older lady, taking care of her daughters children, living on welfare, and that she qualified and was getting a home. The size of which I could not get even with my. G I. Bill! There are to many out there that want everyone to have the same things as long as someone else pays for it! Obamacare is that way!
Unfortunately how many of them USED to have the health insurance they wanted, found that it was being dropped or radically changed, and then had to get new through Obamacare? Not the ones that never had it, never wanted it, or wanted others to pay for it.
Who whines and cry's more, Kim Jong Un or Obama? Neither of them is a Leader!
How about just mixing them altogether! Palistinians and Israelis all living together in the same neighborhoods.
And people do not seem to understand that Islam has only been around since 650AD!
One needs to operate a BBQ outside of the various Embassies of Muslim countries then! See how long they last.
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Illegals Walk In

Lars795 Wrote: Jul 12, 2014 1:45 PM
A: What happened to the $1.2 billion for the original fence? The Dems were in control of Congress from 2006-2010! B: Why wasn't the fence ever completed? C: There needs to be a full audit and investigation, I would be looking at fraud, corruption, theft, etc. You know, everything Dems/Libs and Unions are famous for!
Just remember that with this current government there is no common sense!
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Is a New Housing Bubble Possible?

Lars795 Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 11:20 PM
Used to be three legs of the mortgage stool. Good credit, a 10-20% down! and holding a job over one year. The mortgage companies might overlook one leg but not more. The government stepped in (under control of the Dems) and said they could not do that, it was discriminatory. The other thing was only getting a home worth just three times your yearly income. In other words, if you only brought in $50K you only bought a home worth up to $150K. To many things have created these bubbles, most of it from liberal "thinking" about being "fair".
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