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Can you say CAUGHT!
Want it stopped? Since the unions demanded that state employees go back to verifying info, then hit the union leaders for a $50,000 fine for each non-eligible recipient receiving payments!
That's ok, I had to ask "Who is he?".
Let's see, if the GOP take both Chambers in 2014, then it easily could pass a voter Photo ID law. If that happens then the Dems will lose half of their voters!
It wasn't good sense, but it was amazing how "fast" they did it after the linking of the "land grab", rounding up of Bundy's cattle with ALL the idiotic Federal actions, and Reid, his son, and the Chinese, all came to light. If that link hadn't come out would it have stopped?
Automatic death sentences to them, and make it so that they become more terrified of the US than of the cartels!
Can you say a Chinese solar company.
Sorry, Bundy Ranch!
Let us not forget his newest debacle, seems he and his family, along with a Chinese solar company, are behind the Brady Ranch fiasco happening in Nevada!
But, not bug! Dang auto correction.
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