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10 Things to Know for Today

Lars795 Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 11:15 AM
It would be counter productive in his desire to destroy America.
Ok, fine, let him have it his way. But before they get one they need to inform the Doctor, hospital, etc. who got them pregnant, and then that person needs to be arrested and brought up on charges of Statutory Rape!
The Dems blamed Pres. Bush for "creating" Katrina. Ebola is a disease but can or could be contained to the area it originates in. But if you want to create a reason to declare Martial Law, this could be it.
Ok, they must be 18 or older. How to prove that, Photo ID. US Citizen and Legal Resident of Arkansas, easy proof, Photo ID. Lawful Voting Registration, your voter card and to prove it is you using it and not someone else, Photo ID. So all they need to do is ask people when they come to vote is to prove that they are who they say they are, and it needs to be a Photo ID and not a Library Card with just a name.
He is correct in how the First World War changed the world, I am going to have to read it to see what he says about the Treaty of Versailles and if it matches my thoughts that it lead to the cause of the Second War.
Hazmat trained in the military, when you see all those wearing the suits and then saying everything is fine and you have nothing to worry about, WORRY!
Just keep an eye out for boxes of ballots being "found" in the trunks of Dem cars, the New Black Panther Party making SURE that the voting in polling places is smooth, the buses waiting to take Dem voters to the polling booths everywhere, illegáls and fèlons voting, and the dead taking a break and voting.
If he admitted that he was at fault for anything it would totally destroy his mind and he would commit suicide! Of course he would blame someone or something else for it.
Nope! They need to demand a FULL accounting of how those fingerprints were lost! Those prints are not public property and I would not buy them being "lost because of a damaged hard drive" type of excuse.
America was a country bought and paid for with the lives of patriots; it is a land of opportunity for those willing to WORK and GIVE to her! It is and never used to be a land of "I am here (whether born or entered) so America owes me! Gimme, gimme, gimme!". You want something, you WORK and EARN it! And yes you trolls there are a few that are unable to being disabled or to old but HAD worked for it! You want a bigger TV, house, car, better job, then EARN IT! If you try to earn it illegally then the prison system does need to reverse course slightly and return to those going not wanting to go again. Not a "good oi' boy" club!
She is taking her cue from Obama. Fund raisers come before the Nation. Scenerio: "Mr. President, NYC has just been nuked by ISIS.". Obama, "Well it was a haven for Capitalism anyway. Tell them we are drawing a red line and not to cross it.". "But Sir, they also threatened to do the same to Martha's Vineyard.". Obama, "WHAT! I'm going on vacation there and golfing! How dare they! Send in a SEAL Team to teach them a lesson and give them some $$ not to do it.".
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