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Democrats push to confirm Obama nominees

Lars795 Wrote: Dec 13, 2014 10:50 PM
Every single one of them need to be blocked! With Reid and the rest of the DEMS being ousted, they do not care what happens to America!
So true, Bill needs to avoid going into surgery, even if it is jus to have an ingrown hair removed.
It was a success until LBJ and the Dems decided to turn the country into slaves. Of course they hated it when slavery was ended after the Civil War.
Congress needs to post and go on the news that those being employed to these positions are not going to get paid because Congress is not going to fund the program!
So if you rob a bank or two or three there it won't matter and you won't be prosecuted. I mean if you aren't going to enforce one law you might as well not enforce any.
is he going to go after the racial black on white crime like he goes after "white on black" crime?
Using swear words does not make something funny; but he is correct that something is seriously wrong when you have to watch what you do and say in America. Kind of like old Stalinist USSR.
The establishment, meaning the BIG banks, governments, and the extreme wealthy, do not like having their worth backed up with a tangible item. Paper can be mass produced and the worth of it falsified. Paper money came into place because it is easier to carry a note on a small piece of paper than to carry a sack full of gold, a wagon of corn, or a cart of cloth. That small piece of gold equaled a suit, meal, home. I make a pair of pants for a farmer, they pay me in a basket of eggs or a chicken. I give that chicken to someone for healing my child. That small piece of gold became worth the same as that chicken; but it was an agreed equality by the seller and buyer of a product. Now you have entities saying what an oz of gold is worth in no physical comparisons, an oz of gold is worth a thought, and that thought could actually be worth nothing, but they convinced you it was worth an oz of gold. To many people want you to buy their handful of $hIt for an oz of gold, but will not give you an oz of gold for a truckload of $hIt.
$1196 per Troy Oz.
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Obama to hold meetings Monday on Ferguson

Lars795 Wrote: Dec 01, 2014 7:14 AM
He does not want to hear the truth! The truth of sending White House officials to browns funeral and not to a General killed in Afghanistan. The truth of allowing race baiters (Sharpton, Jackson, and Holder) to encourage the riots. The truth of the thugs rioting just to destroy and loot! Make bet they never mention just once any of these truths!
Oh, and back in the mid '70's I wanted to opt out of SSI and invest it in a retirement fund and was informed I could not. So now they want to do 40 years later what I wanted to do, just do not touch MY SSI that I have paid and am paying into still. DO NOT give it to those that never paid into it, they have not earned it!
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