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Let's move him and his family to the border with NO extra security! Then let's see what he says!
Right now I am working in Germany but staying in a hotel "room". It has a small fridge, sink, two burner stove, and bath, oh and a small bed. Something like it needs to be provided to those that choose EBT life over work. Oh and do not include the elderly or disabled in that list as I know you trolls want to do. I hate supporting those that could support themselves! They do not need TV, cell phones, computers, etc. libraries have computers!
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Immigration Is American

Lars795 Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 7:04 AM
Immigration IS America, but it is LEGAL immigration and not illegal immigration!
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DML 2016?

Lars795 Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 7:02 AM
Only one simple question: Is there anything, anything at all, that could even be remotely used against him as far as threats, blackmail, discrimination, etc etc?
All anti-gun advocates need to stop being hypocrites, that includes the wealthy or powerful having ANY armed security!
No, as much as I want to agree I cannot. The First Amendment protects the RIGHT to practice the religion of your choice; of course it does not include doing such while impeding others worship. Except in Islamic countries there is NO place for Sharia Law because they think it takes precedence over that countries laws. At the same time Muslims might find offensive the beliefs of others ( like eating pork) but they need to "suck it up". There is way to much Political Correctness that needs to cease! In the US a vet is told not to display the American flag because it might be offensive, though the same vet is told that they have to respect others flying their countries flags! As far as war, if Christian countries want , again, war against Islam then they need to eliminate ALL Islamic worship sites (like Mecca).
One can have a personal religious book, but everyone that goes to Saudi is informed or knows there will be no gathering of groups in religious meetings (non-Muslim). Of course there is also no drinking of alcohol, though they will if and when they can (the King gets a shipment in every month for "visiting dignitaries", and the customs official takes his case of whatever). The men have no problem with smoking and drinking tea/coffee at a roadside café while watching their wives and children beg in the streets. Flying out of Saudi they will announce leaving Saudi airspace and then there is a rush to "go Western"! Hypocrites every way!
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Social Security: The Forgotten Crisis

Lars795 Wrote: Sep 14, 2014 5:43 PM
BEFORE you cut or take away the EARNED Social Security benefits; remove, decrease, and take away all of those various programs that the recipients have not earned but expect!
Yes, but Dresden was the one that those who know a touch of history think of. Not just because of the bombing, but because of the massive firestorm the bombing created.
I would be guessing that at least 95% of Obama's Executive Orders are completely illegal. Unless a toilet seat from space hits him when he leaves in 2017 he will speak refuge in a country without an extradition treaty.
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