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I will make bet that at least two of those jurors who are black voted "for" the verdict!
How does it compare to all those "Progressive Democrat Liberals" in feeding the hungry this season (and past)? Oh and do not use government funds in the comparisons!
Every business should do that and have the sign HIGHLY visible!
The sign should not say "Welcome", it should say "Turn back around, and go home!".
Basically what I have thought. They are illegal, undocumented, and as such do not exist. How does someone that does not exist have any rights to do anything? How can someone that does exist be charged with a crime against someone that does not exist?
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School Dumps Christmas to Appease Muslims

Lars795 Wrote: Nov 12, 2014 3:22 PM
No, if they caved into allowing such, then they would have to allow those of other religions the right to dress and pray also ............ At the same times and places as those who are Muslim.
But the DEMS/Libs are using Common Core math.
He has been backed by a joint Congress his first two years and then a blocked and held hostage Senate the next four years. He will learn that Congress is not behind him anymore and hopefully there will be those there that will tell him and his administration where to go!
AZ needs to build a border fence that KILLS anyone trying to get across it, control ALL other access points with an iron fist!
The world, and most importantly the United States is not the world we grew up in. I love history and I see so much of NAZI Germany happening in the US it is scary. I do not want to see it, but I can see the writing on the wall and "reeducation camps" being in full force, no freedom of religion except for a state religion, freedom of speech as long as you say what is "Politically Correct", owning a weapon of any sort being a free ticket to camp, healthcare at the governments whim, and not a tatoo but a microchip implant. Oh, and I was born in the Territory of Alaska, served and retired from the military, worked with government backed operations around the world, and currently live with my family in Germany. It now being closer to what the United States used to be than what the United States has been turning into.
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