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The Upright and Locked Position

Lars795 Wrote: Aug 31, 2014 2:10 AM
Simple solution would have been to swap the two passengers, of course the story does not say if the man that used the devices was reclined. I will make bet that he reclined his seat.
So just what is wrong with a 24 hour waiting period? Purchasing a weapon, usually a pistol, normally requires a 24 hour waiting period because of people either wanting to commit suicide or crimes of passion. As for the sonograms, the clinics know that most women would not get an abortion if they "see" the life form in their womb! Big question, is that judge a liberal?
You never asked the question "How?" when he campaigned on "Hope and Change"! You never questioned the extremely fast validation of him when there were to many questions being asked, the big one was his Birth Certificate! Getting a Stamped with State Seal copy of your Birth Certificate is not difficult, but he made it look like growing grapes in lava! To many people jumped on his bandwagon so they could say they voted for the first black President. The others jumped on it because of all the freebies that would be given away! NOTHING in life is free, somebody is going to pay for it somehow; why should someone else pay for something that someone else doesn't want to "work" for? Most people that did not vote for Obama researched him, a very few might have took a look at his color and said "Tain't no way I'm gonna vote for a black man!", but most looked at his background, or lack of one, and questioned who he was and what he's done!
He does NOTHING except go golfing, on vacations, and campaign fund raising! Oh, I forgot, he also sends people or says things to create racism reactions!
How about giving them a counter offer. Tell them to let everyone go, turn all of their monies over to the UN, an turn themselves in. If they do not there are thousands of trained women sniper teams that will have orders to kill every ISIS member and supporter. Their choice then.
Let's see, Romney, Carson, West, Perry, and others. The GOP has the people, they just do not have the criminal means of getting elections like the Dems!
I will make bet Romney actually did win if one eliminates all of the vote fraud that took place!
Was it him, or was it more the RNC/GOP/Campaign Manager? He has the knowledge, the ability (proven), and has been a Governor! Everything that Obama is not. The only thing Obama had going for him was a bought media, his color, funding up the wazoo, and the second time fraud and threats by various groups!
Actually man influences more what we see as climate change than being able to change the climate. We create waste in all it's forms, but we can clean it up also. Rivers that took a hundred years to pollute until they caught fire have taken only 20 to where they can be safely swam in. Smoke stacks spewed their filth, but installing scrubbers and other improvements have changed that. How many times have you thrown a piece of litter and thought nothing of it? Mother Nature makes the climate change, not man!
Try looking at everything he is doing and trying as a way to cause a reason for declaring Martial Law! And by doing such eliminating elections, the Constitution, and anything else he wants. You like your 3000sf home for you and your kids, be prepared to share it with three other families!
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