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Cavuto: This Whole Confiscation of Funds Has Already Happened in America

Lars795 Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 1:20 PM
Why should I pay for those that could afford their own and chose not to? Why should I pay for those illegally here? Why should I pay for those that choose not to become employed, at ANY job, not just one that makes them feel good? Why? And everyone needing emergency care got it!

Yesterday we learned Cyprus has closed its banks as it prepares to take 10 percent out of private bank accounts to bail itself out of bad economic decisions. Fox News host and business expert Neil Cavuto is warning this isn't simply a concept in some small, far away country, but something that has already happened in America through ObamaCare's 3.8 percent tax on home sales. And yes, it can get worse.

"Taxing you not on what you make but what you have."

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