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Another Toubled Department of Energy Loan Guarantee

Lars795 Wrote: Jul 03, 2013 1:14 AM
With the money that Obama has given away (4-5 or more TRILLION dollars) the government could have given each LEGAL American family over $50K - $60K tax free. How they spend it, save it, invest it would be up to them. Of course it still would have been spent better than how the Obama recipients have spent it!

Spectacular failure made Solyndra a household name and highlighted failures in the Department of Energy's loan guarantee program. Since then, energy companies like Beacon Power, A123 Systems, Abound Solar and others have fueled the narrative that DOE made bad bets on risky clean energy programs.

Today, Taxpayers for Common Sense released a report that pointed to Southern Company as the next project with potential to blow up in the federal government's face. The Department of Energy has considered granting a $8.33 loan guarantee in order to build two nuclear reactors in Georgia. The problems that have plagued...