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Some people make every effort to be completely honest, all the time. Others tell "little white lies", in view of their children or others who have special trust in them and consider them as insignificant and not deceptive. Kathleen Sebelius is one of those rare individuals who seems to have lost her soul to her habitual lying deception to defraud the American people and we end up paying to keep a pathological liar employed and good people in the unemployment line.
"We hold these truths self evident" Truth is something we have taken for granted and have permitted un-truths to escalate to where political lies appear in perhaps half the statements uttered (or stammered) in the houses of Congress. Truth and honesty were once held in high esteem, but seems as rare intelligent dialog directed at earth from beyond our solar system. Obama must have his own series medals for those who lie on his behalf. Jay Carney is almost incapacitated by the burden of all his medals. "Most transparent administration in history? Your bet we can almost see the lies coming out before their lips move. We need to end this trend of lying!
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Benghazi: A Two-Part Scandal

Larry W Wrote: May 10, 2013 3:19 AM
Progressives rarely carry numbers over in the budget calculations so that in their eyes they CANn add 20 million people to Obamacare on less money. And they rarely enforce the laws they enact, unless it is expedient and profitable for them to do so. They also seem not to see that selectively sequester cuts that hurts the Republican, is even more hurtful their own constituents. Other Progressives seem to think that there was not enough time to send forces to affect a rescue or at least break up the crown, even is too late to save lives. I would like to ask Obama and Clinton individually how they knew that an emergency deployment could not get there before the second attack that at that time had not taken place!
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