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'Dialogue' Required for Violent Video Games

Larry Mr. T234 Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 12:47 PM
violence sis not just about guns, either. Violent girls beatting other girls in schools, the black kids attacking senior whites with punches have killed several in recent events (this is called "Knock-out" game and the kid gangs of 4-20 wander malls and other places looking for "vics" The STUPID demorats are more concerned with getting guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens rather than the criminals and the violent youth. This isn't about gun control, it's about "citizen control"

The Obama administration's assault on the Second Amendment in reaction to Newtown is not a serious solution. It's a Band-Aid on cancer. The NRA's call for armed guards in every school also misses the point. When is anyone going to get serious? The problem is violence, a violence of monstrous and horrific proportions that has infected America's popular culture.

The Hartford Courant reported on Sunday that during a search of Newtown grade-school killer Adam Lanza's home after the shootings, "police found thousands of dollars worth of graphically violent video games." Detectives are exploring whether Adam Lanza might have been emulating the...