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The Diversity Fetish

Larry in Texas Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 7:30 AM
Thus his appeal, Buford14. Stirs things up. He can be really irritating, but is sharp and generally correct on the conservative issues. Measured doses is my advice. Listen and read a variety of conservative talk show hosts and writers. And check out the "other side" often as well to see how seemingly screwy their mindset is, and boy is it. I'm thinking you already do but have an oil-with-water aversion to Davis. I hear you.

There is an uplifting American feel about a university, a workplace or a neighborhood brimming with people of different races. It is the product of a nation assembled of people from everywhere else. From many places, one people.

Other nations have diversity of a sort, but no one can go to France and become French. I cannot go to Brazil and become Brazilian. The diversity of America, an assemblage of skin colors painted with a wide swath of history from immigration to slavery, has become a uniquely beautiful concept.

Leave it to government to screw it up.