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Cousinelwood wrote, "How do we convince blacks and Hispanics to stop voting for people who are destroying them?- You convince them to stop voting for Santa Claus. Good luck with that.
Ok, Stuart, as soon as blacks stop Uncle Toming Sowell, everything will be just dandy.
Yes, Jeff1138, you are right on and I remind everyone of LBJ's quote after signing the infamous Civil "Rights" Bill. Look it up. I'll not repeat it here. Oh, it's worked quite well. The problem is as you said, but it is largely the black community's failure to follow REAL leaders, not con men and women - from the Democratic Party I remind all you idiotic, memory deficient libs out there. Sorry, I'm a l-i-t-t-l-e irritated this morning. It will pass.
You hAve said it even better than I, Anthony305. It's a downright crying shame.
How have WE "failed the young black male"? The black COMMUNITY has failed their entire community by allowing themselves to be led around by the nose by snake oil selling con men masquerading as leaders. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Charles Rangel, includung our president and Holder,'etc etc etc. Stretch it back to LBJ, that lying, racist with his famous quote after signing the Civil "Rights" Bill which I don't have the stomach to recall here. The black community is NOT LEARNING, John. Giving up learning is anyone and everyone's death knell, not just the black community. I grew up in the 50s and 60s. Today's black youth for the most part have no clue how bad it was. The nanny state tactics directly targeted the black community and they have bought all of it from their POS "leaders", no apologies for my vulgar acronym. The Ransom column is in my top five must-reads, John, but I need a little clarification here and some suggestions on how to wake the Rip Van Winkles of black leadership. Carson, Sowell, West and every single smart, courageous, outspoken black conservative are Uncle Tom'd and Oreo'd by the general black population. HOW is this reversed, John? WHEN will they listen? Is it too late? I'm a very positive person as a rule, but I'm not seeing much hope here.
The MSM is already "dead meat", Carl265. It's just being propped up by the DNC. The conservative side of our country had better start biting back like snapping turtles soon to stop this runaway lib train. Snapping turtles, it is widely believed, do not let go until it thunders. And keep weak kneed Mitt and McCain and Christie and Rubios OUT of it. We need to start the repair - AGAIN - to our country that the Marxist fools have damaged nearly to death. This is really serious schmidt, people. There is no humor in it and no quarter can be given from November on.
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A Silly Excuse for a President

Larry in Texas Wrote: Aug 03, 2014 10:29 AM
Very very rarely, Rich L.
PBO thinks his executive orders are somehow decrees. Still believes he has been self-appointed a king.
No, Israel has only lost the psuedo-supporters. The liars of the left. How blind are these idiots?
No amnesty of any kind. No deals. Enforce the LAW.
Love it. And blooper reels become Obama reels. And scraping the Obama of the barrel. Skunked becomes Obamad. "My bad" is now, "Sorry, my Obama." Yes, our worst president ever joins the ranks of John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Mark David Chapman and Sirhan Sirhan. Charge? Attempted assassination of a country. Our country.
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