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So, John Ransom, dude....when do you think the rational will be taking over again? Think there's enough real conservative Republicans left that have the courage to enact term limits, give up their prince and princess perks that none of the rest of us have, and keep this train from the rapidly approaching cliff's edge? Think THAT'll come around the mountain? You are one of my favorite columnists on TH and elsewhere and have been pointing out the insanity going on around us for years - to your very deserved credit, but...I return to my first question, when do you think the rational will be taking over again? And my last, what will it finally take to get the people off their butts, to the polls, and to their reps and senators offices with pitchforks and torches? Figuratively speaking....perhaps. .
A woman after my own heart, OldMom. Get on with it, right? My wife and I raised our kids identically to yours. They are happy, productive, responsible-for-their-own-actions people. We have been blessed with a kick in the pants.
Define "conservative" for us, Steve.
There you go again with that pesky old logic, mudslinger. You'll never win any elections THAT way. Half our population is now uneducated, indoctrinated lemmings. The road out of this nightmare is long but we must travel it. Thanks for the extra dose of reason.
Thank you for awakening, wharden. Could you possibly wake several million more?
Corbett, I said TWICE, didn't I? It is blind stupidity. I rest my case.
Ab-so-lute-ly correct, restoreliberty. How can we recruit about 50 million more of you?
It's all in Rules for Radicals, folks. I keep telling you. And will continue to tell you. Read the cute little book and stop this mess. And from another very important book: "Keep your enemies close." Name that book.
NOW is a political hack's dream, powered by hypocrisy and angry, mostly ugly - physically and/or emotionally - women. Identical to all left wing cancers, facts and logic are ignored whenever convenient to their cause, whatever the hell THAT is. Actually we know what their cause is, but there's not enough room here to get into that. Why is NOW not outraged to the point of apoplexy over Muslims' treatment of THEIR women? One simple question that destroys any argument this sorry organization presents. Shut up and go-away.
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