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The MSM is already "dead meat", Carl265. It's just being propped up by the DNC. The conservative side of our country had better start biting back like snapping turtles soon to stop this runaway lib train. Snapping turtles, it is widely believed, do not let go until it thunders. And keep weak kneed Mitt and McCain and Christie and Rubios OUT of it. We need to start the repair - AGAIN - to our country that the Marxist fools have damaged nearly to death. This is really serious schmidt, people. There is no humor in it and no quarter can be given from November on.
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A Silly Excuse for a President

Larry in Texas Wrote: Aug 03, 2014 10:29 AM
Very very rarely, Rich L.
PBO thinks his executive orders are somehow decrees. Still believes he has been self-appointed a king.
No, Israel has only lost the psuedo-supporters. The liars of the left. How blind are these idiots?
No amnesty of any kind. No deals. Enforce the LAW.
Love it. And blooper reels become Obama reels. And scraping the Obama of the barrel. Skunked becomes Obamad. "My bad" is now, "Sorry, my Obama." Yes, our worst president ever joins the ranks of John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Mark David Chapman and Sirhan Sirhan. Charge? Attempted assassination of a country. Our country.
No, "next time" the media will not concentrate on content of chracter. They are the new Pravda. Nothing but the media arm of the communist/Marxist left. That's all. It pitiful and un-American.
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The Ghost of John Edwards

Larry in Texas Wrote: Jun 16, 2014 10:35 PM
RUN THESE SCREWBALLS like Stein OFF. Off! They are unbelievably nuts!
Correct, Anthony305, but you mean half of the VOTING public are idiots. The rest are either so jaded and fed up with politicians they've stopped voting or stay home crybaby bed-wetters that must have the PERFECT Republican and/or conservative candidate or "Meh! I'm staying home!" The voter fraud and the manufactured, encouraged and mostly fraudulent illegals vote - mostly liberal, lovers of big government Latinos - is not a small number either. Hillary doesn't have the MSM backing yet to steal the White House as PBO did. Twice.
Flattus, wipe the rabid spittle off your chin and go outside for some air. You are a PERFECT example of Mark Twain's oft-quoted remark, "It's easy to fool people, but it's hard to convince them they've been fooled."
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