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Very, very, sad and true. And if you call out this behavior as a Ben Carson or Thomas Sowell or an Allen West, you're "actin' white"!!! Un-be-lie-va-ble!
Where have YOU been, Al?!
Sorry. "See"'if you can find....
Manny41 - we if you can find Shel Silverstein's - may he rest in peace - collection of cartoons if only to see his best 4 panel on prejudice. If only I could post images here in TH. It explains pretty much all.
Jax33 wrote, "There are many black millionaires in sports and entertainment that could help.The question I have is why don't they?" - I'll tell you why. They've been there, lived that, "don't wanna go back. Don't want none o' that rubbin off on me!" Or a very huuuuurtful reason: they're selfish and/or cold.
Correct, Rosalyn3!
100% correct, Susan. Sadly.
Yep, and it has worked frighteningly well.
Cousinelwood wrote, "How do we convince blacks and Hispanics to stop voting for people who are destroying them?- You convince them to stop voting for Santa Claus. Good luck with that.
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