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...ransom is d main man!! excuse mark, hes expermenting with that "medical mary-jane" again!!!! another great investment!!
.........obama's plans is straight out of the "saul alinsky" handbook! i will never believe he (obama), doesn't understand what he is doing!!....this is all by design! that's why it's called TREASON!!!!!
....ol al needs more money?? what a joke he is! global warming is the greatest FRAUD since obama!!
...oh yes, hes also good at being a traitor!! turn coat, low-life , dog eating, scum-bag, commie!!
......just want to say, a big thank you, to the idiots of the supreme court!! you just gave the gov, "god-like" power, AGAIN, to shake down the american people, and crapping on the 10th admendment........your are truley the lowest scum on earth, with obama!!
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Now Available: Free "Obama" Phones

larry586 Wrote: Jun 26, 2012 1:11 PM
...yes, this is being happening in ca. for a while. and these phones are not cheap ones either...
........wait for it.............wait..........the tea party is dead!!!! LOL!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaah like a trogan horse!!!, here!! i vote prison or deportation!! treason is punishable by firing squad. i'll by the ammo!!
...thats fuzz math, obama math etc. ca. 'the left coast", we pay .33cents a gallon, to the state!! and every year, they come back to us for more!! get a real job, gov.
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