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...cause, the thug government doesen't want the citizen to have THAT MUCH POWER!! their regime, would be threatened...
i agree, this low-life scum bag obama has no balls, but as his dogshit media to do his dirty work!
...i don't want a "popular" party......i want one with BIG BALLS!! not spineless sissy's!!!
....this stuff really pisses me off! the media are thug morons........lets say there was a break-in in one of their homes.......are they going to tell the police, "don't bring your guns"? yea right!! what they mean to say, "only they have the right to be protected, not the low down peasants!! the media need a GIANT LAWSUIT, for their lies, that they don't have a chance to prove!! last time i checked, it was a against the law for slander, etc?
...i said it before: when you become a elected official, you can steal, murder, lie under oath, and no one, has the balls to stop them!! they are all thugs, and above the law!! look at clinton, obama, (treason), clinton's skanky wife, liers, murders, felons etc....on and on!! and they know it, that they are above the law!.....there are more serious criminals in the white house than prison, (made for the poor)...........this is one of the reasons we are loosing, (lost) our country!! spinless jelly fish, who take our money, till we are all broke, and take more!!
...and now...............a word from the devil!!
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Eddie Haskell Brooks

larry586 Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 1:01 PM
...you are wrong!! brooks is a low life leach, that does nothing but, bow down to corruption, socialism, or obama, :same thing", anything that is true and honest, brooks, rejects it. that's who he is!!
....my new water heater, "energy saver", uses more gas than the 5 year old one.......thank you sir, for speaking out, i thought i was delusional....
...tell chu, to chew on this!! oops.....can't see the finger!!.......give thank to the epa, and moonbeam brown...
...ransom is d main man!! excuse mark, hes expermenting with that "medical mary-jane" again!!
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