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Unlike Bob, who had a gun pointed to his head and an IED strapped to his chest, Jay is just an employee that is paid good bucks to lie to the public with a straight face. Seems to be doing a great job.
Carney isn't a stooge. He is paid a good salary to lie on behalf of the administration and it's policies. He seems to be very good at his job. So far, he's doing such a great job he's still employed. Else he would have been fired by now.
The math (not the Common Core math but the kind that exists in the real world outside of academia) dictates that you can have three types of health care: 1) Affordable health care 2) High quality health care 3) Universal health care But the math, like a perverse mirror image of the game rock-paper-scissors, allow you to only possess two of the three at any one time. Universal, affordable AND high quality health care is just as impossible as having three people in a game of rock-paper-scissors show three different hand gestures and all of them win.
Greedy doctors? How exactly does a doctor loose money by reducing the number of patients he is willing to see in a day? Truth is, when you factor in the cost of doing business, the salaries of his skilled medical assistants in the office, the billing department that handles the claims, the office rent and utilities, his med/mal insurance premiums, the payroll taxes, state taxes, federal income and social security taxes, the cost of maintaining his medical license and the required days off work to attend continuing educational seminars in his specialy, and if newly out of school his massive student loan debt, his actual increase in income on a Medicaid or ACA sponsored health insurance reimbursement health visit means he would be working for LESS THAN minimum wage. Why bother?
It does no good to insult the author personally. She is only one democrat and doesn't necessarily represent the vast majority of them, As Ronald Reagan once said: " The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so."
It's not just government. Teachers unions tie pay to degrees. A PhD in mathematics gets paid more than someone with a BS, even if both are third grade math teachers. It doesn't prove you are a great teacher, but only proves you are a great student. Private sector employers are more (but not guaranteed) likely to keep good workers with OTJ experience and reward them with higher performance increases. In unions, you get a raise every year simply by showing up on the first day of school as you now officially have another year's experience.
Maybe we should call it :Obamacapocalypsoarmageddongate. - Greg Gutfeld
When a few hundred gay marriage protestors show up on the Mall, they get major news coverage in 3" headlines above the fold.. When hundreds of thousands show up, every year for forty straight years protesting Roe v Wade, the don't even make a paragrpah on page 18, below the tire ads.
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Our Crazed Sexuality Standards

Larry1886 Wrote: Jan 23, 2014 5:57 PM
She gave birth. Not "he" gave birth. Every cell in her body was still carrying two x chromosomes. Until we can change every other sex chomosome in every single one of her 75 trillion cells (minus a few thousand eggs in her ovaries) which have only one x chromosome. The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper names. She is and always will be a women biologically, no matter how much grotesque surgical multilation and chemicals are used to poison certain glands into stop funtioning. Josef Mengale was convicted of war crimes for doing similar experiments and luckily died of a heart attack before he was caught and hung. The mental desire to be what nature has determined you are not is a mental disorder.
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