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Is it Time to Throw in the Towel?

Larry1764 Wrote: Feb 14, 2013 3:58 PM
should instead contemplate it all being done similarly to the horrible era of lynching, vigilante "justice" by kkk-types against blacks - which was never legal but happened). Being what some of you have called "on the wrong side of history" is not as bad as being on the wrong side of my moral beliefs. I will still chose the latter and pray for love, strength and wisdom to treat "as i wish to be treated" God is in charge of the consequences, not I.

Republican leaders have capitulated, pro-family pundits have caved, and gay activists have announced that their struggle for equality is just about over. Is it time for biblical conservatives to throw in the towel?

What a ridiculous thought. Why in the world would we do that?

I’m fully aware that:

· Newt Gingrich recently announced his belief that same-sex unions are “inevitable” and that Republicans must accept this if they want to win future elections.

· Pro-marriage leader David Blankenhorn has recanted his opposition to same-sex “marriage,” saying “the time has come for me to accept gay marriage and...